Friday, October 18, 2019

Virtual Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Virtual Reality - Essay Example The virtual reality systems play an important role in education and training. It provides a solution to some of the challenges that the students may be facing. Virtonomics is one of the existing systems that are widely used by the students during training. It enables the students to test their knowledge and skills in the virtual economy. This has played an important role in providing solutions to the challenges that the students are likely to face in the real world. Virtual reality systems are widely used for military combat training. It enables the recruits to carry out their training under a controlled environment where they can respond to different situations. Head mounted display together with virtual reality weapon is used during the training of the recruits. Virtual reality enables the solders to train under different terrains without necessarily visiting such terrains physically. The existing virtual reality is also used widely for the training of combat pilots. This enables t hem to obtain the skills required in the battle field. Virtual reality systems are also used during the tank drivers. The existing systems, therefore, play an important role in ensuring that different personnel can obtain the required experience. Virtual reality is also used in some of the countries for train firemen. In other countries, it is used for training the doctors to respond to a different live threatening situation of the patients. Virtual reality is also used for gaming. The head mounted display is usually used for gaming.

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