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California Drought Affected The Farmers

California Drought For about five years, California has experienced above average temperatures and a lack of rain. This lack of rain and snowfall has caused California to become increasingly dry, starting arguments over whose right to water is more important and who needs to be more mindful with their use of water. Farming in California truly began during the goldrush, when water was redirected to land where food was grown for those looking for gold (Siegler, 2015). The farmers that have stayed on†¦ The California Drought Running Water From 2011 to 2014, California got hit with the driest period since 1895 (Ellen, 2015). This drought had concerned many people all over California. As a result, several water drought pictures were posted online, which showed that water in most lakes and rivers had gone half to even two-thirds down. In January 2014, Governor Brown declared the emergency of the drought, which triggered the State Water Resources Control board to set up conservation requirements†¦ make it no coincidence that California produces the most amount of food within all of the American states. With vast quantities of agriculture, comes the necessity for a great abundance of water. Agriculture uses close to 80% of the entire water supply in California (NDRC, 2014). As California continues to extract more and more groundwater as well as export water-demanding crops, the issue is only getting further from a resolution. The current appalling drought in California has been ongoing since 2011†¦ California’s newest Drought Determining when drought develops is a function of drought impacts and water users. Drought is best sought as a period of dry weather, and extended shortage of water, especially a long one that is injurious to crops. This is a dangerous hydrologic condition that not only concerns water users in the affected area but also in some other locations some water users exempt but not all the way safe. Drought is a abnormal circumstance if it is insistent. Drought is a gradual emergency†¦ The California Drought The California drought has affected many things and many people in a lot of different ways. So many ways that it took a while for me to figure out about whom I was going to write. One group that caught my attention and has been affected greatly by this drought is golfers and golf courses. I have decided to interview both my grandpa and uncle who play golf almost everyday and are a member of one of the most profound country clubs in California. Water districts throughout†¦ Are we coping with the current drought in California or are we just postponing the inevitable shortage of water? Californians need to be quick because if scientists are right, the harshness of the current drought is second only to that of the dust bowl. Some agencies have been created to find possible results to the water shortfall, the government has been manipulated to discover solutions to the problem as well as requesting that people conserve water. This could be the beginning of California’s†¦ high-level plan to engage stakeholders to mitigate the issue of global almond production has on California’s water drought. Hence, I discussed with him and let him know to change his overall focus of his reflection paper. However, I made a modification to my answer in part 1 from reading Kota’s reflection by adding a specific example for the government regulation of taxation for farmers when using excessive water. In contrast, after reading Jihong Yang’s reflection paper, I found several interesting†¦ Daniel - Section #119. Water Management and the Drought in California Water management has been a problem in California’s history since the first settlers moved to California. With most of the water located in the north and eastern parts and most of the population in the southern, desert part of the state, problems were guaranteed to occur. However, in the past five years, a drought has plagued most of the western United States and especially, California. An especially strong La Nià ±a coupled with low†¦ then you may have heard that the State of California has declared a drought of emergency on January 14, 2014. One of the main reasons that California declared a drought emergency is because of the climate change due to global warming. Living in San Francisco, you should have an idea of how populated the area is based on the amount of traffic that occurs. Imagine the amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere on a daily basis. This drought is just one of the effects of global warming†¦ A drought is defined as a â€Å"period of drier-than-normal conditions that results in water-related problems† (USGS). Water years are counted from October 1 to September 30, meaning we just recently entered a new water year. One of the most well-known and troublesome droughts in the United States is the California Drought. It began in 2011 and is now entering its sixth year of drought in 2016. It is described as the worst drought in 1,200 years California has seen (House Committee). The period of June†¦

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