Thursday, October 17, 2019

The House of the Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The House of the Future - Essay Example The house is so big that that its shadow is massive (Cooper 12). Bernard cooper states that the house of the future is a piece of the latest architecture with amphitheatres that are beneath glass dome. The house of the future would have conical towers that pierce the clouds and are bridged by walkways that have been built in tubes. The house of the future would be so efficient and ideal that it would look like a machine. The house is so energy efficient that one will be spending less amount of money to heat and cool it. The house will be designed to have living spaces that are open and filled with light. This house should combine high style and sustainable design. The design of the house is considerate of the houses suitability with shift in needs and evolvement in technology. In the essay house of the future, the author refers several times to his interest in architecture hence the house should be a cutting edge piece of art and creative architecture. The spaces in the house must no t only be welcoming and functional, but they must also be easily adjustable. The house should be constructed and build with future in mind to allow for remodelling to be done if necessary. Simple architectural designs need to be considered in the construction of the house. The house should be easily repeated in many places and by different people (cooper 22) Research needs to be done to enhance the designing and building of the house. Research should be done on the type of product or material that will be more suitable for the construction of the house. According to Coopers essay on the house of the future, it was the permanence and the durability of plastic that made the Monsanto house a marvel hence he calls for the designing of building materials that are long lasting. The ultimate aim is to design a house that is more connected to nature, augmented by technology and also designed for all the people. In the future I would like to have a permanent house located mostly in the subur b, but the country side would also be an ideal location. I would ensure that the exterior of the house is very modern. The house of the future would be surrounded by a high stone wall. The stone masonry should be exceptional with the stones roughly cut (cooper 24). In the essay the house of the future, author talks of his boyhood interest in landscapes, I will have a wide variety of exotic trees and flowers surrounding the house and the lawn would be green all year round and well mowed. The back yard of the house will automatically be having a swimming pool that has all the modern technology to run its maintenance making my work easy.. The inside of the house would be having a cosy sauna. The design of the interior would in such a way that there would be big windows to enhance maximum lighting of the house during the day. There would also be huge skylights to complement the wide and big windows (cooper 22). The rooms would be very spacious in the house of the future while utilizing the wide windows to make the rooms brighter. The sitting room would be adorned with white and orange colours because of the oriental design of the house. The fireplace would be well constructed with roughly hewn stones and bricks. I will have all my pictures framed and put up on all the walls. The floor would be laid with the best carpet in the market made from environmentally friendly materials. The whole house would be fully automated and all i have to do is just press a button on the remote control. The drawing of the curtains, turning on and off the lights would all be automated. The house would be energy friendly with the lights coming on only when I enter the house (Cooper 26) The doors to the living room would be a double glass door. There would also

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