Friday, October 18, 2019

The Effect of Media on People Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Effect of Media on People - Research Paper Example It was followed by conveying verbal messages by slaves or subordinates through covering distances on foot or animals at a later stage. Then with the invention of paper came the time of writing letters and sending telegrams. Even for that matter, man had to make journeys of days and night to reach his destination. With the invention of radio in 1895 with the efforts of a number of researchers, people were able to send their messages across borders. The era of radio lasted many years. It was an important mode of communication especially during World Wars I and II. Man has always been a mode of communication himself. The best storyteller is a human being. It started from the beginning of time, when stories were exchanged by families, tribes and entire villages. It gave rise to an aura of enchantment that lasted for ages until the birth of other modes of interaction. During that period, the concept of communicating through imagery was also common. Lifetimes were drawn or painted in the f orm of art in churches, castles or inside caves. Such drawings contained the power of talking to the viewer. (ChallengingMedia 2010) This essence of communication prevailed until the advent of industrial era. Industrial revolution brought the printing press combined with steam engine technology to develop something which was called the newspaper. (ChallengingMedia 2010). This amalgamation changed the paradigm of media. It proved to be an easy and approachable medium for people to educate themselves about the life around them through reading. The biggest advantage of newspapers was the increase in literacy rate. People lost the tradition of telling or hearing stories through the primary source. Instead, people started to limit apparent interaction. Then with the dawn of the electronic revolution came a new mode, the television. The television dominated the electronic age. It was run through antennas that caught channels from satellites and transmitted them throughout the world on tel evisions. It attracted people of all ages but the strongly attracted was the economic and business market. Businessmen started investing through broadcasting commercials on televisions that in return paid for the programs run on it. The United States was the one of the countries that took advantage of this new technology and helped raise its economy through media channels. (ChallengingMedia 2011) Today, the electronic media has expanded and evolved further in the form of the Internet, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the film industry, the music industry and mobile phones. The Internet which was the invention of the United States during Second World War for the purpose of communication over large distances was later transformed into a public entity. It led people connect across oceans within a matter of seconds through emails, live broadcasting, chatting and webcam. It is splendid and saturated mode of information. The Internet along with the introduction of computers and laptops has made life simple. Now the use of paper and pen or type writer machines has been replaced by typing on computers with advanced features of writing editing. The social networks like the Facebook and Twitter has enhanced the mode of connectivity. Currently there are more than sixty thousand people on Facebook and one hundred and ninety people have joined Twitter. Such networks enable people to share their

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