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Febrile Seizures Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Febrile Seizures - Research Paper Example Up to 5% or may be more in the population is estimated to have had at least one seizure arising from any cause during their lifetime. Epilepsy can be found in any individual ranging from young babies to aged old men and women. It is clinically known that epilepsy can have its beginning or onset in both old age and in childhood. The underlying causes of seizure in medical terms in unknown. More than 32 different kinds of seizures are known today (Seizure and Epilepsy, 3). These are divided into focal seizures and generalized seizures. A seizure is caused by an electro chemical disorder in the brain. Chemical reactions are used by the brain cells to produce the electric discharges. When there is an imbalance of excitation and inhibition in a particular area of the brain a seizure can occur. In a seizure attack, the normal regulated function of the nerve cells in the cerebral hemisphere gets disrupted (Appleton & Marson, 2). Many people also some patients suffering from seizures have th e notion that the actual seizures are ones that have strong, uncontrolled movements. They believe that having an uneasy pain or feeling in the stomach, going blank for a few moments, or jerking of the arm few times is not to be assumed to be a seizure. It can be at most considered to be a minor spell. But the fact is any change in the sensation or behavior that arises from an uncontrolled activity of electric neurons in the brain is a form of seizure. In the human brain, the undersurface area of the temporal lobe is very prone to have seizures. The temporal lobe consists of the regions of the brain that are mostly involved in causing adult epilepsy. These temporal structures are coined by Greek names, such as the amygdale which means an almond and hippocampus which means a sea-horse. The amygdala and the hippocampus are the target areas for surgical removal during surgery for curing epilepsy. The amygdala and the hippocampus are also involved in controlling the expression of emotion s and in the ability of the brain to form memory. Seizures can also be caused by brain poisoning caused by lead and carbon monoxide (Seizure and Epilepsy, 2). Types of seizures Seizure is divided into two categories. These are known as a partial or focal seizure and a generalized seizure. Partial seizures are one that start at one side of the hemisphere of the brain where as the seizures that begin in both the sides of the hemisphere of the brain at the same time are known as generalized seizures (Pitkanen, et al, 6). Partial seizures are further classified into simple partial seizures that have no alteration in consciousness or memory and secondly complex partial seizures that have alteration in consciousness or memory (Fisher & Saul, 6). Simple partial seizures are characterized by motor seizures that include twitching, unusual sensations, unusual visions, sounds and smells as well as distortions of perception. Seizure activity can reach up to the autonomic nervous system that can result in flushing, tingling sensations or nausea. These symptoms of simple partial seizures remain in the clear consciousness and are in full recalling ability for the patient. Complex partial seizures that were previously known as psychomotor seizures or the temporal lobe seizures or the limbic seizure is another type of partial seizure. Complex partial seizures can have an aura, which is a symptom or a warning of the seizure (Fisher

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