Thursday, August 1, 2019

All That Is Sarcasm

When dunces appear at every turn, or even when a friend is being unintelligent, one can be easily agitated with such annoyances. Although violence may seem like a good idea at the time, sarcasm is a better approach and it's easier on the knuckles. Sarcasm is less simple, however, so here are some quick tips to make those witty retorts we all love so much. When it comes to sarcasm, all remarks should be lighthearted–after all no one likes a jerk. Pick a phrase that isn't too degrading, but one that gets the point across so the person knows they're not being intelligent. For example, if a friend says, â€Å"Wow, the sky is really blue today,† an appropriate response could be, but is not limited to, â€Å"No way! I thought it was purple. † Also, the use of sarcasm in somber environments is strictly off limits. In a funeral setting, for instance, sarcasm is forbidden no matter what the remark is. Remember that sarcasm is more about being funny and less about twisting a knife. To add to the lighthearted nature, the proper tone must be taken for sarcasm to gain its intended effect. Using emphasis on different words will make sarcasm easily detectable. To exemplify, in the response ‘no way! I thought is was purple,' overemphasize ‘no way'. In doing so, the tone makes it blatantly obvious that sarcasm is present. However, do not emphasize too many words, or the phrase will sound choppy and will not flow with the conversation. Remember also not to put too much mirth in the tone or it may be hard to keep a straight face. After dropping a sarcastic remark, it's best to let the person realize rather than giving it away with hysterical laughter, so they don't feel completely incoherent. Although lightheartedness and tone make sarcasm effective, timing is also a crucial part. Being able to think on your feet is a must especially if the topic changes rapidly. In essence, when a person says something deserving of a sarcastic remark, quickly say the remark before the conversation changes subject. In the ‘purple sky' example, if the friend has already gone on to talk about their favorite football team, then the remark would become obsolete. Even though it may seem like using sarcastic remarks at the right time is an easy task, it does take some effort. Make sure that the thought is completed at the right time, and if it is not, don't feel compelled to say it. Now go, exchange tactful words with friends and let the witty banter ensue. There is no situation awkward enough, no force powerful enough, and no river wide enough to stop the complexities of sarcasm. With timing, tact, and tone, an apprentice will soon become a master of all that is sarcasm.

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