Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Advertisements Essay

Advertisements surround us in our everyday lives, they have become so integrated in our society that there is almost nowhere you can venture without their presence. In my opinion, it doesn’t fulfill its primary purpose – to provide the customers with information about products. Some opponents of advertisements even claim that most advertisers use unethical ways to establish a need for their products thus encouraging them to buy more and more. To achieve that, advertisers use countless means, such as aggressive advertising, to catch the customer’s eye. It’s a widespread opinion, that too much advertising is a significant problem nowadays. It’s difficult to argue that, with an increasing part of the broadcasting time devoted to commercials, they are becoming extremely annoying. Moreover, a lot of them have special insidious slogans that linger in the brain so that it seems you will never get rid of them. At the same time, such contempt for advertising couldn’t be fully justified. Being a mixture of media and art, it can be regarded as a modern form of art. For example, the Night of Advertising Predators, a festival of the most ingenious commercials from all over the world, in my opinion, really deserves admiration. From my own point of view, though having always been an opponent of advertising, I often find myself watching a selection of the most creative commercials on the Internet. I strongly believe that it’s high time all people woke up to the fact, that advertising is not as disgusting as they think.

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