Saturday, July 27, 2019

Design Consulting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Design Consulting - Research Paper Example The objectives and goals have to be analyzed so as to be able to develop the training program. The factor that is addressed in this phase is the method that will be used and be convenient in the training. The training methods may be used include training via the internet or training that takes place in classrooms (Bari, 2000). The designer of the training session then puts up a layout that is useful in developing a document for design. The design document usually contains the content that is actual for design and an outline of the content. In this phase, storyboards that are useful in development and training are then created. The storyboards usually make use of graphics. The graphics available are useful in creating visuals that are used in complementing the content of training. After finalization and approval by business owners, the training is then launched. The curriculum that is used for training must be understood by the facilitators. The training process must also be understood properly. The training tools that are useful include software’s, manuals and books. The evaluation phase allows employees been trained to give feedbacks on the training session. Evaluation may be conducted by surveys. The surveys can be done by the use of paper media or

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