Sunday, August 11, 2019

Respone essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Response to Afrita Hanem - Essay Example Asfour loves Aleya and he desires to marry her. They experience obstacles in their love life. This is because the father of Aleya is against the marriage arrangement, because of differences in social status. The female genie also falls in love with Asfour and hence tries to manipulate his feelings. The film is superstitious because it involves a supernatural being. The female genie loves and relates with Asfour, through supernatural abilities. The film illustrates several European influences in the Arab or Islamic world. The first influence illustrated the accumulation of wealth, or the desire to accumulate more wealth. The father of Aleya disapproves the marriage relationship because Asfour does not have wealth. He wishes that his daughter should be married by a wealthier man or a person in the same social and economic class. The female genies, also provide Asfour with whatever he desires. Arab tradition and culture are adequately illustrated in the film. The Arab culture illustrates that the consent of the parents is required for a marriage process to take place. The love relationship between Asfour and Aleya, experiences challenges due to the disapproval by the father. The Arab culture illustrates the existence of genies, especially in bottles. The genies are believed to possess powers that grant people their desires; for instance, the desire for love, or wealth. Arab society is adequately explained in the film. The society is divided into social classes involving depending on wealth status. The rich are not supposed to relate freely with the poor; especially on serious issues like marriage. The men and women in Arab society have different roles. The father is supposed to consent to the marriage of his daughter, and the man is supposed to search for a suitable girl and propose marriage. Symbols are applied in the film. The genie being locked in the lamp for one thousand years illustrates the limited freedom that women have in the Arab world due to tradition; for instance, the limited decision to choose their life or marital life.

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