Monday, August 26, 2019

Discussion 1 Week 2 Apple's New Strategy Assignment

Discussion 1 Week 2 Apple's New Strategy - Assignment Example ed toward maintaining an edge in the industry is to venture outside of the iPhone product or explore potentials for changing the interface into something totally new. 2. Using Porters Five Forces Model located in Chapter 2 of your textbook, assess Apples strengths and weaknesses of each dimension of the model in comparison with those of Samsung, Apples strongest competitor. Justify your response by utilizing at least one (1) example based on customer focus. Risk of Entry: Apple’s iPhone had been identified to be a product that is imitated by other phone manufacturers. The risk of entry or imitation by competitors is strong; yet there are legal regulations that protect the product’s copyright. Rivalry Among Established Companies: Rivalry is still strong given the popularity of the iPhone. Recently, Samsung was noted to have averred that Apple was actually imitating Samsung’s Galaxy Note (Matyszczy, 2014). Power of Complement Providers: No power of complementors for Apple’s iPhone which expect all applications to be provided by Apple. Samsung has strong power of complementors where third party providers of applications add value to their products. As such, customers could prefer Samsung’s products due to the ability to access other applications in a more convenient manner. Matyszczy, C. (2014, September 13). Apples big iPhones are a big imitation, Samsung says subtly in new ad. Retrieved January 10, 2015, from c/net:

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