Sunday, August 4, 2019

Composed Kenyans and Happy-go-Lucky Nigerians Essay -- Comparison Comp

Composed Kenyans and Happy-go-Lucky Nigerians "You're from Kenya, right?" "No, I'm from Nigeria." "Nigeria, Kenya. Kenya, Nigeria. Same thing." "No, actually they are entirely different countries located at opposite ends of the African continent and contain two very different groups of people." It is amazing how very little some people know about the continent -- not country -- of Africa, let alone the 57 countries within it. Some people have suggested that Kenya and Nigeria are in South America or even Australia. Although Kenya and Nigeria are both African countries, their cultures are quite unlike each other. The food, speech, and methods of interaction within these cultures serve as evidence of their distinctiveness. Kenyans are usually more laid back and composed while Nigerians tend to be more active and vivacious. While Kenyans seem to be satisfied with a more basic menu, Nigerians show their great appreciation for food through an extensive selection. In Kenya, four typical dishes can be expected to be served at party gatherings. The first is nyama uchoma, beef or goat meat cut into thick slabs and roasted over a large grill. Ugali, which is a main dish made out of either yellow or white corn flour that closely resembles mush before it is fried, is eaten along with the nyama uchoma. Chapatis, which are like soft flaky tacos, are also served either rolled up or cut into triangular pieces. The final dish served would be a watery stew with peas, carrots, and a few chunks of beef, served over pilaf rice. Sodas and/or beer are provided as beverages, in addition to chai, which is prepared by first warming milk, boiling tea leaves in the mil... ... lashing out at each other at 5:00 a.m. in the street will be the same two people that will be calling each other "My brother" at 5:59 a.m. While Kenyans do a better job of holding things in, Nigerians tend to get it over with right away. Although it may still be difficult to distinguish a Kenyan from a Nigerian simply based on appearance, there are clues that can be used to differentiate these two groups of people. If one were to enter a Kenyan or a Nigerian home and sit down for a meal or spend a brief moment to interact through verbal communication, the difference would be almost obvious. The home that serves the simpler meal sprinkled with occasional moments of silence will most likely be the Kenyan home. If the foods on the menu exceed ten items and the conversation remains constant, it is probably safe to assume one has entered the home of a Nigerian.

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