Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mindfulness, Professionalism and Healing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mindfulness, Professionalism and Healing - Essay Example In addition to my experience with the films and the readings, witnessing my aunt visiting a nurse for help was just evidence on the power of the nursing. Despite having three kids, the size of the building she had was a hindrance to giving adequate care for the younger ones. Taking her time to visit the nurses was a life changing moment since she was given every kind of empathy, mindfulness and healing that she required. Intuitively, in order to realize the importance of nursing system to families I had to relate my aunt’s experiences with the nurses on the basis of the three aspects: of empathy, mindfulness and healing . Rationally, my aunt was a low income earner who could not acquire enough resources to secure his family. As if the scarcity is not enough punishment, my aunt gave birth to three kids of which all of them required care from her. For instance the children were a subject to food consumption, shelter and clothes to wear which my aunt could not adequately offer. Just the same to my aunt situation, David Bornstein in â€Å"The Power of Nursing† introduces his article with an intriguing question to depict the state of some individuals in the society† The following is a statement and question put forward by Bornstein: â€Å"In 2010, 5.9 million children were reported as abused or neglected in the United States. If you were a policy maker and you knew of a program that could cut this figure in half, what would you do?† (Bornstein, 2012) The above quote depicts children who are abused and neglected in the same way as my aunt who is going through a crisis of taking care of her three children in her small hut. The act of mindfulness comes in when Bornstein talks about Nurse-Family partnership as the best way to save this group of people. Nurse-Family partnership comes in handy as it is the only right way of harmonizing the gap between the poor and the rich. No matter what background an individual comes from, the program arranges for registered

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