Friday, September 27, 2019

Chief ethical problem(s) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Chief ethical problem(s) - Essay Example My professional life still is not confined to one particular professional field, but in all its manifestations it assumes the existence and the necessity of such personal quality as leadership. Under the leadership I mean the ability and the right of me as a social person to lead a group of other like-minded people towards achieving our mutual goal. Thus I understand my goal as a leader is in creation and realization of effective opportunities in noble ways. Only by using honest and justified instruments while being guided by such human values as respect and confidence, my impact as a leader would be long-termed. Thus, I use professional ethics in everyday life in order to choose what to do while facing a moral issue problem. Using own experience I may say some words about my personal method of aiming at the best solution in the field of leadership. As you’ve already understood, I have a kind of moral rules set to use in any situation. First of all, I must be sure in society usefulness (not just personal) of what I am doing. Secondly, I must be responsible and sensitive to possible outcomes of my professional activities. That is why I must follow the principle of "competence", which emphasizes that I should be only involved in those professional activity areas in which I have the knowledge, skills, training and experience. These basic ethical principles can be specified for different areas of professional activity by every decent person. But the main trait for leader at any professional field is being a good communicator. You should be able not just to express yourself well both in speaking and in writing, you must remember that a good communicator is a good listener, so you should be very attentive to people you are surrounded as well as to their problems. True leader should be able to support everybody in the company administrating mechanism if it really needs help. And the most important attribute for leader is being critical towards

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