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Managing Information 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Information 1 - Assignment Example It is important because in the absence of long term information and corporate strategies, it is not possible for the company to succeed (Faulkner, 2013). ALIGNMENT STRATEGIES Companies adopt different alignment strategies because there is no single structure for a business strategic plan that would fit with every company effectively. An effective information and corporate strategy must communicate effectively among all levels of employees whether they are management or are in the rank and file. Currently it is a recognized fact that knowledge is essential for managers for their organizations to survive and prosper. Information systems are also important for the effective implementation of corporate strategies because it controls organizational ability and enables competitive advantages to companies. A strategic plan is not the same as an operational plan because it is creative and perceptive and evaluates things in the long run (Aloufi & Kabir, 2013). Case Study The role of informati on management is to support corporate strategies. This case study is about â€Å"Tree Top Incorporated†. The company needed to improve the customer services to increase revenues and also to for greater margins for stock-holders. They decided that replacing their existing software would upgrade business processes because their current software was not adequate to meet customer demands. The management of Tree Top Inc also perceived this as an opportunity to move forward their corporate goals by aligning the new software with corporate strategies. Although they had decided to change their existing systems in phases, they had to make sure that the new systems would get the desired results in the shortest time possible. They also had to ensure that the new system would help measure their progress in the achievement of their goals. The management decided that â€Å"Intentia† Application Suite suited their requirements because it was designed specifically with aligning market ing information with corporate strategies (Thompson, 2006). Planning the Strategy To implement the new marketing software with corporate goals, a team of Tree Top and Intentia started the project. The team met separately for each business operation and met with respective management representatives for each operational activity. The first and most important aspect was to include Tree Top’s business strategies in software such as how many people were involved in monthly estimation of the amount of product to be created and sold. This included other data, such as product groups, markets, locations and monetary information. It was also recommended that customer service be calculated by â€Å"crucial functioning conditions†. Overeaters Anonymous (OA) recommended operational activities that had a direct bearing on â€Å"Key Performance Indicators† such as improving order entry/maintenance which would work very well with the order metric. This could probably mean that maintenance improvements the company’s return on equity. Other essential business activities such as sales, production would improve by selecting the appropriate personnel to implement the best practices which would in essence improve overall corporate strategies which numbered around thirty five best practices . It was practically not possible to implement all thirty five best practices, so it was decreased to the nine best practices w

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