Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Life in Thailand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Life in Thailand - Essay Example Since that time I wanted to write a book myself. When I turned five years old, I and my family moved back to Bangkok. So I know two dialects of Thai language. At the age of nine, my parents sent me to Singapore for my education. There Singapore, I was taught English that followed the British System. I didn’t get that British accent but got used to it. People in Singapore have a unique accent called â€Å"Sing-lish†. There are many people of different races and cultures in the city of Singapore. Most of them are Chinese, Malay, and Indian. So I even studied the Chinese language when I was in Singapore and that also influenced my speech. So now have something like English-British-Singlish-Thai accent and a mix of languages in my mind. After that, I moved to Los Angeles for studying in Junior High. When I began living in the USA I also heard and adopted the American accent and because of that, I have had a hard time speaking and understanding. It felt like all the language s and dialects were mixed up in my head. It was a difficult time not only for me but also for my new friends and teachers, it was hard for them to understand what I was trying to say. And even now I still have an echo of this problem in my life. Sometimes I still feel that it is difficult for people to understand my speech. But, unfortunately, I cannot do anything with that. The name of my native country is the word, which sounds like â€Å"Thai† in our language, means â€Å"freedom† and we call our country â€Å"Prathet Thai† while the name that all the people got used to Thailand appeared only in 1930th. Speaking about the culture of Thailand I should mention that Buddhism and other religions and beliefs greatly influenced Thai art and way of life.  Ã‚  

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