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Yahoo Inc Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Yahoo Inc - Case Study Example It is a multilingual consumer interface accessible in 20 foreign languages over the planet, including English. Jerry Yang along with David Filo who were scholars from Stanford created the website in the first month of 1994. In the beginning, the site was named after Jerry referring to it as a guide to World Wide Web (WWW). It served the purpose of a directory since it linked with other websites in a chronological order. It was again named â€Å"Yahoo!† three months later in the same year, where it gained remarkable viewer hits. The exclamation mark was added as a trademark to register it under the law to avoid the resource infringement. In an effort to improve the service range to motivate the users to utilize extra time at the site, Yahoo launched an online e-mail service called four one one (411). The firm acquired Rocket mail, in addition to, Classic Games lines to expand its varieties that were by now common. In the year 2000, on the onset of millennium, Yahoo recorded the ir best results in the dot-com period when the revenue collection rose by 4.5%. In addition to that, the company merged with Google command searches since one would access the sites on either accounts. This resulted to Yahoo inventing a modern technology that would enable its viewers to enjoy their services directly. The deal that existed between the two firms was broken when the invention took place-precipitating creation of 2GB storage accounts, the opposite of Google’s 1GB. Major Issues or Problems of the Organization Every organization must face challenges in the formative stages and during the routine operations. Yahoo Corporation was faced with the challenges of account hackers, brain drain and cyber crimes. The common and most prevalent crisis at Yahoo is the hacking of accounts where respondents claim that at one time or the other their accounts have been hacked. Hacking is an art where an individual intentionally or unintentionally access an account of the other for security reasons or by clicking malicious links. Account hacks causes are mostly use of general Internet terminals or Wi-Fi prior to the attack. Moreover, they connect to links that might result to malicious locations. Almost every time, the hacked accounts, are used to distribute spams and frauds. The best way to avoid this is by altering the passwords to a secure one or applying different passwords foe every website frequented. Extra vigilance should be practiced when using public terminals. Another challenge is the brain drain experienced at Yahoo Corporation whereby staffs are leaving the firm at an alarming rate to set up competing firms. The best employees at the firm are speedily leaving to join other rival firms or set their personal firms. This is a challenge to Yahoo because these gone staffs understand the weaknesses and strengths of the firm which they can employ to their gain. Lastly, cyber crimes are illegal measures on the net that pose security issues to the users. T he cyber crimes comprise of software piracy, e-mail spying and credit card swindles which invade the privacy of the users. It is feared that the modern fraudsters loot more money through Internets than robberies. These crimes are directed to individuals, properties or institutions. Cyber crime rules have been enacted to curb the spread of these crimes to innocent, unsuspecting users (Wall, 2007). Competitive Environment As borrowed from Yahoo 10K, Yahoo chiefly challenges other businesses to draw users to its website and promoters to its marketing services. Yahoo expects the market to develop progressively more competitive in the event that online marketing persists to nurture and gain reception on an international basis. Yahoo’

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