Saturday, November 30, 2019

Using Drama in Esl Classroom Essay Sample free essay sample

Education is one of the cardinal societal establishments in every society. but each civilization develops its ain specific educational system based on its demands and values. Educational systems prepare people for callings in their society. indoctrinate citizens into cultural values. and act as a showing tool for the society to detect its best and brightest. However. each society has its ain focal point and its ain agencies of educating its people. and there are no two educational systems that could be more different than the educational system in the United States and the educational system in Saudi Arabia. The ends of instruction in the United States and Saudi Arabia are rather similar. nevertheless in the United States as in other states. the instruction system has responded to a alone sort of patriotism. . Both states seek to fix their kids for life. and indoctrinate them into cultural values. However. the agencies used to carry through these ends are really different. We will write a custom essay sample on Using Drama in Esl Classroom Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the United States. instruction is an synergistic procedure and the pupil can play an active function in the educational procedure. This is non true in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia instruction is based upon top-down communications and the pupil is an empty individual to be molded by the instructor. The educational procedure in Saudi Arabia is wholly different. Students are non permitted to pass on openly with teachers. They are expected to stand when the instructor walks into the room and any inquiring of what the instructor says is considered disrespectful. Teachers frequently yell at pupils and behavior repetitive drills thumping in the coveted information. The pupil can non take his ain categories and is expected to make little more than memorise the stuff presented by the teachers. The educational systems in United States and Saudi Arabia besides reflect the specific cultural values of these states. The educational system in the United States places a focal point on the technological and reading and language†¦

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